Response to UNC’s Independent Evaluation of Research


To avoid technical discussion and to get right to the heart of the matter, I will simply say that the three outside experts who conducted the “independent” review of my data did not come close to replicating my analysis. They were unable to do so because they were denied access to the full range of test scores (i.e., SAT/ACT scores, SATA raw scores, SATA WM scores, WAIS scores, and DOB) that formed the basis of my critical judgment.

Why didn’t we release all available data to the independent investigators? If we truly want to be open and honest about the situation, why not turn over all available data? That would at least make possible an independent assessment of the validity of the original claims - which the independent investigators said they were not able to do with the data given to them (Branum-Martin 2014 report, page 2).

Sadly, it seems that throughout this entire exercise, the University has been incredibly defensive and reactive in trying to discredit certain people rather than being proactive and accepting responsibility. Full disclosure and transparency is necessary in order to protect the academic integrity of the institution. Much has changed since I worked in the athletic department, however, athletic eligibility remains the priority for our profit sport athletes. Many of our athletes in the profit sports are not being given full access to a real education here and at institutions across the country.

I am hopeful that Mr. Wainstein and his team will once and for all expose the extent to which a fraudulent system of eligibility was put in place for athletes at Carolina. A subset of low readers from my data set took more than 250 no-show “paper classes”—and that is no coincidence. These courses littered their transcripts to assist them with eligibility. Those students did not receive a real education. The adults are failing the students.

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