Links to topical articles on NCAA reform:

4/30/2018: WSJ: How Sports Ate Academic Freedom

03/28/2018: USA Today: Judge rules NCAA must defend limits on compensation to college athletes in new trial

03/27/2018: N&O: Black male athletes at UNC have low graduation rates

11/09/2017: N&O: UNC Defended classes to the NCAA. Now the accreditor has questions

11/08/2017: USA Today: Lawyers in NCAA compensation case draw on executives, commissioners and coaches

10/30/2017: USA Today: Arne Duncan: Legitimacy of NCAA as stake after North Carolina case

10/13/2017: TIME: North Carolina Academic Fraud Decision Exposes College Sports Hypocrisy

10/13/2017: N&O: NCAA faces criticism for UNC decision

9/20/2017: Inside Higher Education: UNC Class on Big Time College Sport Will Be Offered This Spring

8/15/2017: SI: Here’s What’s on the Line at UNC’s Committee on Infractions Hearing

8/12/2017: USA Today: Lawyers challenging NCAA’s compensation limits want no trial

6/14/2017: Vice Sports: Amateurism Isn’t Educational: Debunking the NCAA’s Dumbest Lie

6/8/2017: Chronicle of HE: Can a Single Course Jeopardize an Academic Department?

6/4/2017: IHE: A Course Too Hot To Handle? 

5/25/2017: N&O: Here’s what UNC’s response to the NCAA’s latest notice of allegations says

4/21/2017: DTH: History faculty say cancellation of Jay Smith’s big-time college sport’s course violated academic freedom

4/21/2017: ABC News: SEC’s Sankey refuses to step down in UNC case

3/31/2017: NYTimes: North Carolina’s Dominance Fails to Cover Cheating’s Stain

3/29/2017: ESPN: Where, exactly, did overnight star Luke Maye come from? 

2/21/2017: IHE: “Unwinding Madness

2/13/2017: The Comeback: How the NCAA and universities fail players like Fab Melo

2/6/2017: DTH: UNC history professor Jay Smith suspects internal involvement in the removal of his college athletics class

12/7/2016: IHE: College Sports Slow Pace of Change

12/6/2016:Podcast -The So What?: On the History of University Athletic Scandals

11/23/2016: Kansas City Star: Former Mizzou tutor tells how, why she helped student-athletes cheat

11/23/2016: IHE: Notre Dame appeals NCAA sanctions over academic misconduct

11/17/2016: WUNC:  UNC And NCAA At Odds Over Academic Fraud Investigation

11/16/2016: NYTimes: Inside College Basketball’s Most Political Locker Room 

11/15/2016:CBS Sports: Basketball player sues Northwestern, NCAA….

11/11/2016: N&O: UNC Chapel Hill course on college sports raises eyebrows

10/30/2016: NYTimes: One-and-Done System Gets a Documentary. Call it a Farce. 

10/28/2016: AP UNC appears before NCAA infractions committee panel

10/19/2016: IHE: Graduation Gap for Black Football Players

10/10/2016: ESPN: Northwestern’s rules on football players ruled unlawful

10/3/2016: NYTimes: O’Bannon Ruling stands but NCAA status quo may yet collapse

9/16/2016: N&O: At UNC, a missed clue and a mantra: This was not about athletics

9/15/2016: CBS Sports: Unfiltered Josh Rosen speaks out about ‘indentured servitude’ of college football

9/13/2016: CNN: UNC student says she was raped by football player

8/29/2016: Bleacher Report: A Beautiful, Brash Mind

8/18/2016: Vice Sports: The NCAA Lets College Olympians Collect Cash For Gold……

8/12/2016: USA Today: Court dismisses NCAA from North Carolina lawsuit

8/2/2016: N&O: UNC to NCAA: Mind your own business

8/2/2016: LATimes: North Carolina says academic fraud doesn’t fall under NCAA jurisdiction

6/19/2016: NBCNews: Off the Court: Are colleges preparing gifted athletes for life after sports?

6/19/2016: N&O: Fighting for a cleaner version of college sports

4/19/2016: N&O: Former UNC athletes spar with university in federal court

4/19/2016: Washington Times: Attorney: NCAA also deserves blame in UNC fraud scandal

4/16/2016 N&O: NCAA considers new rules regarding academic misconduct

4/5/2016 DTH: College sports deserve to be made ethical

4/1/2016 NYTimes: With College Transfer Rules, Hypocrisy never sits out a year

3/15/2016 HuffPost: College Basketball: An Unhealthy ‘Addiction’

3/15/2016 CBSSports: Ed O’Bannon Plaintiffs ask Supreme Court to take Anti-Trust Case 

3/15/2016 ESPN: Black athletes in college football, men’s basketball lag in degrees

3/10/2016 NCAA: Board of Governors approve $200 million distribution to DI members

2/19/16- N&O: Judge tosses lawsuit by former UNC athletes over bogus classes

2/12/16-NY Times: Dean Smith’s Shadow Looms Over UNC….

1/27/16-Vice Sports: What I paid to be a Division I Athlete

12/4/15-NY Times: Purdue Fires Champion of Athletes’ Rights

11/25/15-NYTimes: NCAA Clears Players, Then Absolves Itself

11/18/15- NPR: Commentary: Mizzou Football And The Power Of The Players

11/11/15- The Atlantic: Toward Basic Rights for College Athletes

11/9/15- NY Times:University of Missouri System President Resigns

10/22/15 - DTH: UNC  One Year After The Wainstein Report

10/12/15-Washington Post: Whistle-blower alleges academic misconduct in UCLA’s men’s basketball program

9/30/15 - SI: What the appeals ruling means for O’Bannon’s ongoing NCAA lawsuit

9/11/15-NY Times: Notre Dame’s Big Bluff

9/10/2015-NY Times: Notre Dame President Stands Firm Amid Shifts in College Athletics

8/14/2015 - N&O: New information will delay UNC’s ongoing NCAA infractions case

8/14/2015 - CNN: UNC admits more academic violations

8/12/2015 - CNN: NCAA punishment is anyone’s guess

8/10/2015- Crain’s Chicago Business: Northwestern Athletes’ hail-mary Bid for Union…

7/31/15-ESPN: NCAA awarded stay granted in O’Bannon case

7/23/15- CBS Sports: Alabama’s cost of attendance stipend will rank highest in the nation

7/13/15- ESPN: FSU’s Delvin Cook charged of battery…

7/01/15 - Transparency International: Academic fraud and commercialized college sport

6.19.15- N&O: Roy Williams Contract Extension

6.4.2015 - Yahoo Sports: No slam dunk UNC will be punished for academic fraud allegations

5.20.2015-Inside HE: End of the World for Amateurism? 

5.19.2015-USA Today: If athletes ruled employees, ND will seek new sports model

5.18.2015-Huffington Post: The Case of Former University of Illinois Football Player….

5.5.2015- Huffington Post: NCAA’s Latest Argument Against Paying Players is Nonsense

4.30.2015-CBS: It’s a case of doublespeak for the NCAA in suit vs. Sheely

4.24.2015-Forbes: Logical NCAA Reform Begins with Deregulating Trust Funds….

4.15.15-CBS: Claire McCaskill: Time to Reform NCAA Basketball

4.2.15-CNN: NCAA: It’s not our job to ensure educational quality

3.23.15-ESPN: ACC will make over 28M off tourney NCAA Sanctions. We got what we deserved. 

3.11.15-USA Today: NCAA nearly topped $1 billion in revenue in 2014

3.11.15-NPR: NCAA Fans Continue to Drink Deeply of the (Sports) Spirits

3.9.15-Washington Post: Problems in college athletics teach hard lessons….

3.9.15-Inside Higher Education: Academic Fraud at Syracuse

2.26.13-Yahoo Sports: When it comes to college athletics, it sure seems cheating pays

2.13.15-CBS Sports: Freshman ineligibility?

2.10.15-CBS Sports: NCAA, Justice Department letter excerpts unsealed in scholarship case

2.7.15-Indianapolis Business Journal: Swarbrick suggests new model for athletics

2.5.15-University of Chicago News: Economists recommend paying college athletes

2.6.15-Chapel Hill News: Addressing the rights of players or defending a corrupt model?

2.1.15- NY Times: Football Major, Basketball Minor

1.29.15-ESPN: Seahawks stars rant against the NCAA

1.28.15- DTH: Will the Banner Fall?

1.28.15 - NY Times: The Fraud of the Student Athlete

1.23.15- CNN: Lawsuit claims UNC and NCAA broke promises in ‘spectacular fashion’

1.22.15-CBS Sports:  Ex-North Carolina Athletes sue NCAA, UNC over academic scandal

1.13.2015-New York Times: Playing College Moneyball

1.13.2015-Inside Higher Education: Presidential Panel on College Sports?

1.11.2015-USA TODAY: White House to Meet with College Athletics Officials

1.7.2015-Deadspin: Wait, The NCAA Can Pay Players’ Parents now?

1.5.2015 -Inside Higher Education: The Biggest Man on Campus

12.31.2014- New York Times: What Made College Football More Like the Pros?

12.13.2014 - New York Times: As N.C.A.A. Issues Pile Up, a Call for a Commission

12.4.2014- News & Observer: US legislation would create presidential commission for college sports

11.11.2014- Daily Tarheel: McAdoo files class action lawsuit against UNC

9.11.2014- Inside Higher Education -The NCAA can’t be reformed-Congress should replace it (essay)

6.6.2014 - ESPN Outside the Lines: UNC’s McCants: ‘Just show up, play’ 

6.4.2014 - CBS Sports: Ed O’Bannon judge will oversee NCAA scholarship cases

6.4.2014 - USA TODAY: O’Bannon plaintiffs: EA had been willing to pay college athletes 

6.2.2014 - Vox: Explaining the NCAA v. O’Bannon college athletics case

5.31.2014 - SB Nation: $40 million video games settlement doesn’t mean NCAA-O’Bannon is over

5.30.2014 - News & Observer: Drescher: We got a fair shake from judge on the UNC records case5

5.30.2014 - Inside Higher Ed: Group Will Represent Financial Interests of Ex-Athletes

5.25.2014 - USA TODAY: In reformed NCAA, will SEC live up to its own rules?

5.25.2014 (Updated) - CNN: CNN Analysis: Some college athletes play like adults, read like fifth-graders

5.23.2014 - The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill News: News & Observer Letter to the Editor from Joel Curran: FERPA’s purpose

5.23.2014 - CBS Sports: Judge keeps Ed O’Bannon trial scheduled for June 9

5.20.2014 - News & Observer: Congressmen want NCAA to address issues surrounding UNC academic fraud

5.20.2014 - The New York Times: Pac-12 Presidents Back New NCAA Model

5.20.2014 - USA Today: School or sports? Congressmen push Emmert on issue

5.8.2014 - SB Nation: 3 big economics problems with the NCAA’s talking points

5.7.2014 - CBS Sports: How does college sports solve the growing players movement?

4.26.2014 - The New York Times: Reporter Digging Into Scandal Hits a University’s Raw Nerve-University of North Carolina Is at Odds With a Raleigh Newspaper

4.25.2014 - CNN: NCAA discussing how it deals with academic fraud

4.15.2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education: NCAA Looks to Redefine Its Policy on Academic Fraud

4.6.2014 - The Washington Post: NCAA tournament final: Mark Emmert, John Calipari are two of a kind

3.31.2014 - BBC News: This is an A-minus paper?

3.31.2014 - Sports on Earth: The Death of College Amateurism

3.27.2014 - Inside Higher Ed: Football Players Win Union, for Now

3.27.2014 - The Chronicle of Higher Education: Employees or Not? Graduate-Student Assistants Versus Scholarship Athletes

3.26.2014 - The New York Times: College Players Granted Right to Form Union

3.24.2014 - Whistleblower protection agency criticizes UNC

3.24.2014 - Winston-Salem Journal: Editorial: UNC-CH should ease off whistleblower

3.20.2014 - College Athletics Clips: Revisiting “A Nation Still at Risk”

3.18.2014 - ESPN College Sports: Jeffrey Kessler files against NCAA

3.17.2014 - CBS Sports: North Carolina investigator will interview whistleblower

3.8.2014 - Fox Sports: College athletes’ advocate ready for Knight Commission meeting

3.5.2014 - Bloomberg Businessweek: UNC Fake Classes Scandal: Key Administrator to Tell All

2.28.2014 - The John William Pope Center: A Poll on the Latest UNC-Chapel Hill Scandal 

2.27.2014 - Bloomberg Businessweek: In Fake Classes Scandal, UNC Fails Its Athletes-and Whistle-Blower

2.27.2014 - NBC News, Business News: Will Northwestern Athlete Union Bid Mean End of Amateurism?

2.22.2014 - News & Observer: Q&A in the dispute over athletes’ literacy between UNC and the former tutor Willingham

2.11.2014 - CBS Sports: UNC whistleblower Willingham: Academic sins not isolated

1.19.2014 - Kent Sterling: Mary Willingham Says Her Research on Academic Levels of UNC Chapel Hill Athletes 100% Accurate

1.17.2014 - CNN: UNC whistle-blower battles for OK to study student-athlete literacy

1.14.2014 - CNN: Death threats and denial for woman who showed college athletes struggle to read

1.11.2014 - New York Post: UNC is a stark example of colleges’ warped priorities

1.8.2014 - CNN: CNN Analysis: Some college athletes play like adults, read like 5th-graders

11.17.2012 - News & Observer: UNC tolerated cheating, says insider Mary Willingham


4.8.2015- NHPR - The Debate over compensation for NCAA Athletes

4.18.2014 - The Team Sports Radio 560: Mary Willingham (UNC Whistle blower) April 18

4.4.2014 - Chapelboro: Some Concerned Ahead Of UNC Investigation Release

3.25.2014 - HBO’s Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Watch the preview for this episode here. This episode will air on HBO on Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 10:00 PM EDT/9 PM CDT.

3.3.2014 - The Bob Edwards Show: Mary Willingham and Jay Smith on The Bob Edwards Show

1.31.2014 - Chapelboro: Mary Willingham and Jay Smith In-Studio with WCHL

1.17.2014 - CNN: UNC rejects whistleblower’s report

1.17.2014 - WRAL: UNC-CH suspends academic adviser’s research privileges

1.17.2014 - WRAL: UNC faculty comment; Williams will not

1.16.2014 - WRAL: Willingham: We’re fighting a multi-million dollar machine

1.15.2014 - WRAL: Researcher: UNC athletes ‘woefully unprepared’

9.4.2013 - NPR: Why Keep Athletes Eligible But Uneducated?

2013 Robert Maynard Hutchins Award Acceptance Speech: Listen on The Drake Group Website, or download a copy of the speech.


2013 Documentary: “Schooled: The Price of College Sport” - Amazon

2015 Documentary: “The Business of Amateurs” - Amazon