We believe that the reform of college athletics should have as its basis the idea that athletes deserve both educational access and a share in the profits they generate as laborers. Athletes' status as football and basketball players should have no connection to their performance as students, however. Their freedom to play, and their availability to their teams, should not depend on their compliance with arbitrary eligibility rules the purpose of which is to perpetuate the premise that athletes are students first. (Cheated, p. 242)

There is enough money to pay college athletes good salaries, and there's enough time for them to take advantage of their educational opportunities at the pace and in the manner of their choosing.

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With betting sites in New Jersey taking their first wagers, most likely to be followed by Rhode Island, West Virginia and Mississippi soon, it remains to be soon how it will impact the college athletes. The NCAA is in favor of a federal model where legalization of sports betting is concerned. They feel that strong standards are needed for protecting integrity of students participating in college sports as well as athletes who play at different levels. This impact on student athletes can be damaging. Sports wagering is likely to adversely affect student athletes, undermining the sports they play. This is why there must be commitment to ensure that there are laws which promote a fair and safe environment for students engaged in college athletics. The NCAA needs to take steps in this regard because sports betting at an amateur level cannot be stopped. Betting on football has become a global phenomenon, with countless enthusiasts aiming to win big. The key to securing millions in football betting lies in thorough research, understanding team dynamics, and staying updated on player conditions. This strategic approach can turn the unpredictable nature of the game into an opportunity for significant financial gains.