Litigation, Legislation and Movements


College Athletes Rights & Empowerment Faculty Coalition

CARE-FC press release March 12, 2015


H.R. 2731 NCAA Accountability Act

Bill Calling for Presidential Commission

To read more, download the Commission Bill PDF.

Congressman Dent Bill

To read more, download the Dent Bill PDF.

Congressman Cardenas Bill

To read more, download the Cardenas Bill PDF.

College Athlete Protection Act (CAP Act)

To read the summary, download the CAP ACT Summary PDF.

To read the entire bill, download the CAP ACT Bill PDF.


McCants Case

1.22.15 - Hausfeld release

1.28.15 - NY Times: The Fraud of the Student Athlete

O’Bannon Case

9.8.2014 - USA Today - O’Bannon plaintiffs stay with ruling

6.2.2014 - Vox: Explaining the NCAA v. O’Bannon college athletics case

5.3.2014 - USA Today: NCAA gets support in bid to delay Ed O’Bannon Case trial

4.29.2014 - USA Today: NCAA makes new bids to redefine or delay O’Bannon trial

Download the O’Bannon PDF to read Mary Willingham’s declaration.

1.31.2014 - SB Nation: Ed O’Bannon vs. the NCAA: The antitrust lawsuit explained

Kessler Antitrust Lawsuit vs. NCAA

8.28.2014 - The New York TImes - How Kessler’s lawsuit could change college sport.

3.17.2014 - The New York Times: Lawsuit Seeks to End NCAA’s ‘Unlawful Cartel’

3.17.2014 - ESPN College Sports: Jeffrey Kessler files against NCAA

Northwestern Case

4.25.2014 - ESPN Chicago: NU players cast historic vote

4.25.2014 - Chicago Tribune: Northwestern football players cast ballots in union vote

3.26.2014 - The New York Times: College Players Granted Right to Form Union

2.18.2014 - The New York Times: Northwestern Quarterback Makes His Case for Players’ Union

Important Documents

NCAA Division I Governance Review: Division I Steering Committee on Governance Review

Memo to NCAA Board Representation: Open Letter to the NCAA

Drake Group Press Release: Drake Group Supports NLRB Ruling in Favor of Athletes at Northwestern

NCAA Memo: Division I Governance Redesign

CSRI: 2013-14 Adjusted Graduation Gap Report: NCAA D-I Basketball