Latest UNC response & questions to ponder

  1. Where are the phone records from ASPSA to (DC) Debbie Crowder  (2000-2009)?
  2. Why did DC think that it was ok for 291 students to take “independent studies” (AFRI 190 or AFAM 190) in 2003/4? (Cheated, page 24)
  3. How would DC and UNC attorneys explain this chart?   paper class impact on GPA
  4. What are UNC’s specific examples of the ‘fake news’ about the scandal?
  5. How will the NCAA & UNC handle this evidence in the upcoming Jenkins v. NCAA lawsuit?
  6. Will there be a *winner* in the NCAA vs. UNC final game? We already know the losers.
  7. Wrongful termination lawsuits?  J. Lee, B. Bridger, B. Blanton, T. McMillan
  8. Will any of the athletes from the 2005 or 2009 championship teams ever post their transcripts?  (How about some of the football players?)
  9. Why did UNC pay more than three million dollars for a report it now calls “inaccurate”? Should UNC demand a refund?
  10. Why didn’t DC and her advising friends in Steele and Kenan Field House make sure that ALL students knew about the “special arrangement” courses?
  11. Who is ever going to explain the 560 illegal grade changes?
  12. If DC didn’t know NCAA rules, and didn’t pay attention to eligibility or graduation rates, why would she ask JB if she only “needed” a D?

And finally one last silly question.

Why do the head bananas in athletics make more money than the head bananas in South (Park) Building?


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