A farewell to Twitter


We at Paper Class Inc.(@paperclassinc) have used the platform of Twitter over the past few years to share articles of interest, and the occasional personal opinion, related to the UNC scandal. From the beginning, however, we have known that a Twitter presence comes with a real cost-exposure to constant badgering and harassment from people who aren’t hesitant to share their own views but who tend to hide behind fake identities. We have endured quite a lot of abuse. One or the other of us has been called: liar, plagiarizer, publicity-hound, egotist, money-chaser, fraud, charlatan, racist, conspirator, criminal, and more. Recently, however, the abuse has reached new levels of indecency. We’re used to wearing the bulls-eye, but the people near and dear to us never signed up for such targeting, and they too have been dragged into the muck. At this point in the history of the UNC story we are not inclined to put up with, or subject our loved ones to, yet another smear campaign.

In any case, the UNC story has reached a plateau. The institution has clearly made up its mind where its priorities lie, and its leaders have charted the course forward. We’re not very happy about that course, but we’re wise enough to recognize the point at which further resistance is futile. We will continue to follow and contribute to the national conversation about universities, athletics, and higher education. But we will do so without using Twitter.

Thanks for following us at paperclassinc.com and thanks for all the support over the past few years.

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