Mary Willingham visits The Black Star Project in Chicago

Mary Willingham, Educator, national hero for helping college student athletes graduate from college was in Chicago speaking to outstanding high school student athletes about getting the best deal possible from the colleges that are recruiting them. 
Mary Willingham (second from left) meets Cliff Alexander (second from right), the 2014 Naismith Award Winner for Best Boys Basketball Player in America. Mr. Alexander is 6’9″, 240lbs, averaged 24 points, 15 rebounds and 6 blocked shots per game while leading Curie High School to the much vaulted Chicago City Championship. Also in this picture are Jonathan Jackson, National Spokesmen for the Rainbow PUSH Coalition (left) and Mr. Alexander’s Mother (right). Mr. Alexander will attend the University of Kansas in the fall.
Ms. Willingham teaches outstanding student athletes how to balance athletics and academics, how to negotiate for the best long-term scholarship deal, how to prepare for life after athletics, and how to keep your family and community engaged with your decision-making process.
Ms. Willingham, small White woman in yellow Educate or Die shirt, stands with a group of outstanding Chicago high school student athletes who could possibly defeat some of the best teams in the NCAA.  Some of their parents are in this picture.

Liz Arredondo

VP of Communications at Paper Class Inc.

Liz is the VP of Communications for Paper Class Inc. under the direction of PCI's President, Mary Willingham. Liz is a strong believer in the promise of higher education and the goals of PCI to support college athletes' rights to a real education.


  1. Literate Athlete says:

    National hero? Willingham’s ego knows no bounds.

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