Mary Willingham and Jay Smith on the Bob Edwards Show

Monday, March 3, 2014

 ”Bob talks to Mary Willingham, a former academic advisor to athletes at the University of North Carolina, and UNC history professor Jay Smith, about the continuing controversy around the university’s big money sports program. Willingham says that some of the football and basketball players at Carolina she tutored or evaluated were reading between a 4th grade and 8th grade level, and a that a handful were functionally illiterate. She said one of the Tar Heels’ basketball players she tutored couldn’t read at all.  UNC officials have accused her of making this up, and demoted her. She’s also received death threats from fans. Willingham and professor Jay Smith are writing a book about the scandal, and the university’s reaction.” -
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Liz Arredondo

VP of Communications at Paper Class Inc.

Liz is the VP of Communications for Paper Class Inc. under the direction of PCI's President, Mary Willingham. Liz is a strong believer in the promise of higher education and the goals of PCI to support college athletes' rights to a real education.

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