Article Highlight-NBC News: “Will Northwestern Athlete Union Bid Mean End of Amateurism?”

By: Bill Briggs, NBC News

Date: 2.27.2014

‘A college quarterback’s argument before the National Labor Relations Board that Northwestern University football players be allowed to unionize will pressure the NCAA to rethink its age-old, rock-hard stance on amateurism, say sports and labor law experts following the case.

“We have reached a tipping point with regard to the current system of college athletics,” said Warren Zola, a sports law professor at Boston College.’

Read the rest of the article on NBC News.

Mary Willingham

President at Paper Class Inc.

President of Paper Class Inc. Supporting Athletes' Rights to a Real Education. Learning Specialist at UNC-Chapel Hill."My intentions are to help the amazing students who I served at Carolina from 2003-2010. We must offer equal access to a real education for ALL of our students."

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