Article Highlight-Bloomberg Businessweek: “UNC Fake Classes Scandal: Key Administrator Agrees to Tell All”

By Paul M. Barrett, Bloomberg Businessweek

Date: 3.5.2014

“If University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill’s fake classes fiasco were a mob case, we’d say a key witness has turned state’s evidence. Since it’s a National Collegiate Athletic Association academic-fraud scandal, let’s go with: Another sneaker has dropped—about a size 16, triple-E.

Recall from our current cover story, “No Class,” that UNC-Chapel Hill, home of the legendary Tar Heels basketball team, has become ground zero in the debate about how the $16 billion college sports industry operates. Carolina earned that dubious distinction by, among other misdeeds, offering more than 200 fake classes that never met but were disproportionately preferred by its varsity athletes.”

To read the full article, please click here.

Liz Arredondo

VP of Communications at Paper Class Inc.

Liz is the VP of Communications for Paper Class Inc. under the direction of PCI's President, Mary Willingham. Liz is a strong believer in the promise of higher education and the goals of PCI to support college athletes' rights to a real education.

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