Another Lawsuit Filed Against the NCAA “Cartel”

Another lawsuit has been filed against the NCAA. Jeffrey Kessler, of the law firm Winston & Strawn, is literally giving the NCAA a run for their money by representing four college athlete stars. Kessler is well known for his successful representation of athletes and sports unions. This is exciting news and another milestone to NCAA reform.

Take a look at the two articles regarding this new development:

The New York Times, March 17, 2014

By: The Associated Press

“As a result of these illegal restrictions, market forces have been shoved aside and substantial damages have been inflicted upon a host of college athletes whose services have yielded riches only for others,” according to the court filing. “This class action is necessary to end the NCAA’s unlawful cartel, which is inconsistent with the most fundamental principles of antitrust law.” -The New York Times: view the full article here.

ESPN College Sports, March 18, 2014

By: Tom Farrey

“The main objective is to strike down permanently the restrictions that prevent athletes in Division I basketball and the top tier of college football from being fairly compensated for the billions of dollars in revenues that they help generate,” Kessler told ESPN. “In no other business — and college sports is big business — would it ever be suggested that the people who are providing the essential services work for free. Only in big-time college sports is that line drawn.” – ESPN College Sports: view the full article here.

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