Paper Class Inc. launches PCRead
Literacy before Legacy
PCRead trains tomorrow’s athletes to be winners today

Help us tackle educational inequality

To develop an appropriate and relevant curriculum that delivers reading instruction to students virtually- grades 6-12.

Paper Class Inc. has filed for 501c3 status. We will put together a team of experts and buy the platform and software necessary to train, deliver, monitor (pre and post testing) and create the PCRead program (at no cost) to students. Our modest goal of $120,000 will allow PCI the start up money necessary to pilot the program in January 2015.

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Mary Willingham

Founder of Paper Class Inc. Supporting Athletes' Rights to a Real Education. Previously - Learning Specialist at UNC-Chapel Hill. "My intentions are to help the amazing students who I served at Carolina from 2003-2010. We must offer equal access to a real education for ALL of our students."

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