Protect The Brand At All Costs


A UNC recently released email demonstrates how the continued cover up conspiracy was in play during the summer of 2013.

Recall that, at that point, the “official” word was that bogus classes had begun in 1997, after the retirement of Dean Smith. Also recall that this occurred six weeks after Carol Folt assumed the chancellorship but six months before she would commission the Wainstein report; the university was still in full cover-up mode. Finally, recall that no one at the university yet knew that we were writing a book.

Q: What possible reason could there be for UNC records staff to inform athletics staff about academic records not specifically involving athletes?

A: Because they all knew that the paper class system went back to and began under Coach Dean Smith.  And they were nervous that someone was looking around in those earlier course records.


Are they still using this tag line?

“We Educate and Inspire through Athletics”. Go Heels.

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